Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Check and Re-check

Jacob Sapochnick recently wrote a great article about the process of gaining citizenship through one’s US citizen parents.   One can acquire citizenship if they were born to a citizen parent who prior to the child’s birth had been physically present in the US for the required period of time which is determined based on the date of the child’s birth.  He highlights the importance of checking and re-checking all the information provided by a client in order to ensure that the client at their USCIS interview is only required to show proof of physical presence for the period required based on the relevant law for  the year the child was born.  By example, a child born after 1986 is only required to show proof of five years of physical presence by the US citizen parent, and a child born after 1952 but before 1986, is required to show ten years of physical presence.  A drastic difference indeed!  Get a closer look at his article at,0823-sapochnick.shtm.

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  1. US citizenship can also be acquired through a US citizen grandparent. A great blog on the topic is: