Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yesterday Alabama’s Governor Robert Bentley signed the HB56 law into effect.  This law has already begun to terrify the state’s illegal aliens and in turn will slow down growth in education and business and begin to build a wall between the people that live within its borders.  The law ensures that the state’s resources go directly to those residents that legally reside in the state but it is also the first step in alienating a group of people that want to live within its borders, want to work within its borders and help the state grow. 
It takes just one law to begin the alienation process of a group of people.  It takes just one law to allow local police and reasonable suspicion to stop anyone that appears to be Hispanic and ask for their immigration papers. 

First we single them out, we identify them, and then we deport them. Sound familiar?  When Hitler came into power he first singled out the Jews for draining the nation of its resources, then he implemented curfews, then soldiers could stop anyone on the street that appeared to be Jewish to ask for their identification.  Then millions of Jews were deported, brutalized and murdered. 

Alabama’s new law is a dangerous slippery slope into a deportation movement that may have the United States looking back in embarrassment.

Read the CNN article which provides a good overview of the fears that this law has already sprouted in Alabama. 

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